Genetic screening

The process of investigating an individual or group of persons to detect the presence of disease or defective genes that can be transmitted to offsprings. Women are routinely offered a variety of genetic screening tests during their first three months of pregnancy to evaluate the risk for genetic disorders in their unborn baby. The first trimester screening tests are usually done between the 10th and 13th week of pregnancy. We take every care to ensure that the baby born to you is healthy and happy. The role of genetics in assisted reproductive technology (ART) is to optimize a couple's chance of having a healthy baby. Some forms of infertility, particularly male infertility, have a genetic basis. Couples with these forms of infertility may be at increased risk for transferring infertility to their offspring, for having a miscarriage or for having a child with a serious genetic condition. Other patients may be at increased risk for having a baby with a genetic condition based on their family history, ethnic background or age.