"We work and walk with you...
to achieve your dream of starting or enlarging your family."

The Premium Fertility Clinic

Lifelink Fertility Clinic is one of the best fertility clinics in Nigeria, offering premium, individualized and self-tailored services to its esteemed clients using highly skilled professionals, with the latest state of the art technology. Our Chief Medical Director, Dr Kemi Ailoje, is one of Nigeria’s most sought after female fertility/IVF specialist. She brings her unique and versed experience in proffering solutions to infertility issues across the globe to journey towards successful parenthood.

Dr Kemi Ailoje and her team of experienced professionals are eager to welcome you through the doors of Lifelink Fertility Clinic. Our aim is to ensure that your journey towards achieving your dream of starting or expanding your family is as seamless and comfortable as possible. Our customer centric treatment plans are to ensure that you are afforded the best chance of achieving your pregnancy within the shortest possible time. Our Clinic is situated in the comfortable Government Residential Area (G.R.A) of Ikeja Lagos, upon a cozy and serene expanse of Land. The environment is quiet and extremely therapeutic.

What We Offer

  • Personalized Treatment: Infertility is a challenge one in every 4 couples experience in Nigeria, as is to be expected the proverbial ‘one shoe fits all’ cannot apply to every couple, at Lifelink Fertility Clinic, we offer personalized treatment plans suited to the specific couple. This has helped in no small measure in achieving the success we have achieved thus far.
  • Counseling Services: At Lifelink Fertility Clinic, we offer professional counseling services as we have come to recognize that a crucial part of the successful outcome of the treatments we offer hinge on the emotional and mental strength of the couple. We therefore not only work with you but also walk with you throughout your journey with us and even afterwards as we like to expand our family ‘LIFELINK HAVEN’ as we continue to be worthy ambassadors in the hands of God Almighty.
  • Medical & Paramedical Services: We have strong collaborative efforts with first class hospitals both internationally and locally, this is crucial to ensure best results for all our clients.
  • Comfortable Accommodation: We have affordable accommodation (Lifelink Luxury Apartments) that are cozy, comfortable and highly affordable within 2 – 5 minutes walk from our clinic. We also offer transport services to help all our clients from outside Lagos feel more comfortable.
  • Chauffeur Services: For our clients coming from outside Lagos, we have pick up from the airport and drop-off once treatment is completed.

Why Choose Us?

We know that the decision to invest in fertility treatments can be a scary one for couples who wish to start or expand their families. The thought of the tests, appointments, seemingly complex procedures, emotional roller coaster not to talk of the funding and perhaps the possibility of a non-favorable outcome makes it a very big step to take. It is therefore critical that to ensure you choose a clinic that you are not only comfortable with but also one that ensures you the best chance of getting pregnant within the shortest possible time.

What you should look out for when choosing a fertility clinic:

  • Competence and Professionalism: Dr Kemi Ailoje is a seasoned Fertility / IVF Consultant (Bpharm, MD, MRMed, MSc, PhD) She and her team of highly trained and motivated staff are poised to offer you the best chance of getting pregnant within the shortest possible time.
  • Our Success Rates: in her career Dr Kemi Ailoje has assisted a lot of couples in achieving their dreams, managing them with such passion and care that they in turn have turned to worthy ambassadors for Lifelink Fertility Clinic.
  • Our Success Rates: in her career Dr Kemi Ailoje has assisted a lot of couples in achieving their dreams, managing them with such passion and vigor that they in turn have turned to worthy ambassadors for Lifelink Fertility Clinic.
  • Quality Control: Lifelink Fertility Clinic boasts of a highly professional management system, that ensures all our standard operating procedures are strictly adhered to, thus ensuring optimal results.
  • Code of Ethics: At Lifelink Fertility Clinic, we adhere to a strict code of ethics that is audited externally to ensure no bias. This is because we know that the treatment of infertility is an extremely intimate and delicate process.
  • Financial Assistance: The treatment of infertility costs money, It would be important for the couple to have a full breakdown of all expenses before commencing the treatment. This would ultimately help you plan more effectively. For a full cost breakdown of our services please visit “our fees” because we also know that sometimes funding may be daunting, we also have collaborations with some financial institutions to assist clients who might require this service. Feel free to speak to our clinical coordinator or any of our IVF Nurses.
  • Our Client Treatment: The way clients are treated through their journey, is of utmost importance. It is therefore advisable that you visit the clinic in other to get a feel of the atmosphere before you commit. For us at Lifelink, client relations is key as we pride ourselves as being highly client centric.
  • Language and Clear Communication: It is important that you choose a clinic that can and will speak to you in a language that you would understand. At Lifelink Fertlity clinic, we ensure that every step and procedure is explained in detail, so that you are confident and have full knowledge of your treatment plan.

We await your call on +234 803 308 3580 or +234 809 383 4703 Or simply send an email to info@lifelinkfertility.com for any questions you might have. We would be happy to assist you as best as we can. Egg donor, Surrogacy / Gestational Carrier Services Please contact us on +234 809 468 6200.

You may also wish to check our Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for any questions you might have about IVF treatment or infertility management.