Infertility is a major challenge in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. A lot of people are ashamed to talk about it or access help & those who know would rather not disclose that their babies were conceived via IVF or ART.

Lifelink Haven is a patient support and advocacy group. Its core functions include the following:

  • Assisting and supporting couples undergoing treatment at Lifelink emotionally and physically via peer to peer support groups
  • Lifelink Haven is also poised to promoting and educating the general public about Alternate reproductive techniques with a focus on IVF

What is Peer to Peer support group?

Peer to Peer is an infertility support group for people looking to cope with the wide range of emotional and procedural issues involved in infertility management.

Who goes into this Peer to Peer support group?

The group features the following:

  • Individuals and couples experiencing delays in child bearing
  • Those people recently diagnosed with Infertility
  • Clients who come to us for enquiries about infertility (but have not yet registered for an appointment)
  • Our clients currently undergoing treatment (all our clients would be given this option)

How can Peer to Peer support group help you?

Individuals and their coping mechanisms (threshold levels) under situations differ as we all have varying personalities. Therefore Peer to Peer support group will do the following:

  • Foster positive feelings and inspires hope, which would help the couple along their journey to success
  • Members (couples) would have the opportunity of having first hand information about what to expect from a non professional and this will further encourage them along the way
  • Provide an avenue for building lasting friendships amongst diverse cultures, something which Nigeria and the world at large is in dire need of.

How will couples be Peered?

Couples would be introduced to the concept by their fertility doctor, when they come in for enquiry, and would be peered once they have consented, made payment to start the treatment.

Interested in getting involved or donating: kindly send email to