Dr Ena Onikoyi MD

Position: Clinical & Research Coordinator

Dr Ena Onikoyi graduated from New York University (N.Y.U) with a Bachelors degree in Premedicine and Psychology. She went on to the University of Rome, where she graduated in 1988 with MD (medical doctor) having gone through Clinical course work in Medicine & Surgery with special focus on research with dissertation in blood lead intoxication of pre school children.

She moved into clinical research at Georgetown College, USA, Albert Einstein College of Medicine NYU USA, Cornell-Weill College of Medicine NYU USA, respectively in oncology and sickle cell research, with awards from National Institute of Health (NIH). She later rose to become an Instructor in Medicine (Assistant Professor).

She was in Obstetrics & gynaecology in various clinics both at government and private levels. She also has various publications and presentations to her credit. Dr Onikoyi is an American married to a Nigerian. Her clinical skills blossomed in Nigeria whilst working in the field of anesthesia. She has also worked in various centers in different countries across the globe. She brings this vast experience to bear in her role as our Clinical and Research Coordinator.

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