We had tried IVF in various countries and clinics with different doctors but we want to say a big thank you to God for making our journey to parenthood a success with Lifelink Fertility Clinic . A big thank you to the Nurses who are always supportive, warm and friendly. I can’t forget the face of the embryologist when my result was given to the doctor, very normal with no expression, there and then my heart sank in deep fear. Dr. Kemi looked up and said congratulations but I was too afraid to understand those words (LOL). My husband gave me a hug and thanked her. I was all tears. I remember my doctor’s words always …..it will happen when you least expect it, just focus , we are on the right track. Am very thankful all went as planned after Repeated IVF Failures. I felt like a mother from that day on...

- Mrs. M.E. (40 years old) with history of repeated Failed IVF cycles.

To God be the glory, great things He hath done. I want to say a big thank you to all of you at the Lifelink Fertility Clinic. I had my first daughter at the age of 32 naturally and I have been trying for baby afterwards. We had two failed Inseminations done and then decided to go for IVF. The first two cycles failed. I was very disappointed but was encouraged through the cycle by the team of doctors and nurses. We had a retry and thankfully became successful. I am currently pregnant and scan shows we will be having twins, I guess God is compensating us double for the trouble. Thankful to God and hoping for the best. This is just to encourage other women going through the same challenge never to give up on themselves. Sincerely, we thank you all from the bottom of our heart.

- Mrs M. S (42 years old) with the history of 6 years infertility.

With gratitude to God we write to thank the Lifelink Fertility Clinic team for allowing themselves to be used by the Almighty to bless us with the fruit of the womb. My sincere thanks to the team of Doctors and Nurses especially Dr. Kemi Ailoje who is a very detailed, caring and highly professional clinician. Her words of encouragement kept us through the process and we are very grateful for our bundle of joy. We wish them many more successes in the future.

- Mrs. H.O, 35 years old with the history of Secondary Infertility.